The mind is the cause of all happiness and suffering

To reduce suffering you need mindfullness, every moment. 

Eerwaarde Mettavihari


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Meditation activities organised by Dhammadipa in Amsterdam
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Sangha Metta means network of loving kindness. Sangha Metta organizes the longer retreats in Naarden.

Dhammadipa means island or light of the Dhamma, the Buddha's teaching. A place of silence in the center of Amsterdam. A place for training the mind and teaching the heart through meditation, reflection and studying the teachings of the Buddha. 


A place for people who want to pratice awareness.  A place where in 1986 the Ven. Mettavihari, monk en vipassana teacher from Thailand, started to teach meditation. The method of meditation that is taught in Sangha Metta is Vipassana Meditation.

Vipassana or insight meditation teaches you to look at your experiences with a clear mind, directly and without prejudice. It leads to an intuitive understanding of who, what and how you are. Central is developping of mindfullness or awareness. Awareness without judging, without analysing, without expectations. It teaches you to see things as they really are. Relaxation and concentration are important. In a simple way you practise direct perception. You are beginning to see thoughts and feelings that perhaps often influence or determine your life. That's how you create space within yourself. Vipassana meditation teaches you to live here and now. It is not about having special mystical experiences or getting into trance. It is not about solving problems or shielding yourself from the world. Vipassana meditation teaches a way to an inner freedom, compassion and clear insight in both yourself and the world around you. 

For beginners dhammadipa organises courses in Amsterdam. For more information please go to: also for other activities organised in Amsterdam


Retreats are longer periods of meditation than a weekend. In a longer period you have more time to calm the mind and gain insight in what is present in you. The retreates take place in the inspiring surroundings of Naarden or Vught. You can phone or e-mail us for more information. 

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